Let Your Voice Be Heard

Let Your Voice Be Heard

Partner with a violent crime attorney in Dillon, SC

No crime is considered minor in the eyes of the law. Violent crimes, however, are taken more seriously than most. A robbery, assault and battery or homicide conviction could land you in prison for years and even put your life on the line. An experienced violent crime defense attorney from Watson Law Firm can help you build a defense in Dillon, SC.

Our violent crime attorney has been helping clients fight for their rights inside and outside of the courtroom since 1989. He's previously served as a municipal judge in the area and is certified to handle death penalty cases. You'll get thorough, 24/7 legal support when you work with our firm.

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The support you need from an experienced attorney

When you work with our violent crime attorney, you'll get:
  • A free consultation in person or over the phone
  • Detailed advice on how to defend yourself
  • Assertive representation in court

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