Protect Your Child's Future

Protect Your Child's Future

You'll need a juvenile crime defense attorney in Dillon, SC

Young people are known to make mistakes. When these slip-ups result in criminal charges, they put your child's future on the line. If you need a juvenile crime defense attorney in Dillon, SC, you can rely on Watson Law Firm. Our legal team will provide you with sound advice and aggressive representation.

While offenders under the age of 18 may not serve as much jail time or pay fines as high as adults charged with the same crimes, their penalties can leave lasting effects. Being convicted of juvenile crimes can result in emotional trauma and affect future school and job prospects. That's why hiring the right juvenile defense attorney is so important.

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Choose an attorney with juvenile crime law experience

Juvenile crimes are handled differently than adult crimes in Dillon, SC. That's why you need an experienced legal team to handle your child's case. Our juvenile crime defense attorney has been serving the Dillon and Latta communities since 1989. He's certified by the South Carolina Supreme Court and has served as a local municipal judge. You can trust that he knows how to help you and your family.

Consult our juvenile defense attorney today. You'll get 24/7 services and a free consultation in person or over the phone.