Being Charged With a Crime in the Dillon or Eastern SC Area?

Being Charged With a Crime in the Dillon or Eastern SC Area?

You have a right to speak with a criminal defense lawyer

In the United States, the Sixth Amendment guarantees your right to legal representation. No matter what charges you're facing, the Watson Law Firm is here to help. Our firm will attend bond hearings at any hour as dictated by the court. We primarily serve people charged with criminal matters in Eastern South Carolina. However, if the severity of the case warrants it, we can represent people charged with a crime state wide.

Our criminal defense lawyer handles cases related to...

Sex Crimes
Domestic violence | Rape | Sexual assault | Child abuse

Drug Crimes
Possession | Trafficking | Manufacturing

Violent Crimes
Homicide | Robbery | Assault & Battery

White-Collar Crimes
Fraud | Identity theft | Forgery

Death Penalty Defense Counsel
Certified by the South Carolina Supreme Court to serve as lead counsel for anyone who has been charged with a crime which may result in the imposition of the death penalty.

Facing charges on your own could lead to a conviction. Fight back against unjust charges by working with an experienced criminal defense lawyer today.

Protect your child's future

The moment your child is charged with a crime, their future is in jeopardy.

Juvenile crimes are prosecuted in family court without a jury. However, if the crime is severe enough or the child is deemed mature enough, matters could be moved to The Court of General Sessions. The juvenile legal process is different than the adult process, so it's important to have a counsel who is experienced in juvenile cases.

The Watson Law Firm has been trying juvenile crimes since 1984. Set up your free consultation today by calling 843-774-5678.